HHS Mandate Violates Our Religious Freedom

The HHS Mandate needs to be revoked

and an amendment respecting human life

from conception to natural death needs to be enacted.

By Marta Alves © 2012

Updated on February 13, 2012

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Cardinal DiNardo of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston on January 20, 2012 states:

The contraceptive/sterilization mandate imposed on health plans by HHS violates religious freedom, which is guaranteed by the First Amendment and several federal laws. Forcing all employers to buy coverage for sterilization and contraceptives, including drugs that induce abortion is a radical incursion into religious liberty and freedom of conscience.

It is said that we stand for something or we will fall for anything.  WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE: United as Catholics, as Christians, as citizens.

Natural Law and the Common Good dictate that we ought to respect the religious rights of  every person in our society as long as it does not infringe into the rights of others.  Our  religious conscience cannot be violated by the secular government. To allow us to act following our religious conscience is an unalienable right.

The Common Good can only be preserved if we respect life. Please read Conscience Protection in the website of the US Conference of Bishops: http://www.usccb.org/issues-and-action/religious-liberty/conscience-protection/index.cfm

God is with us. God will give us the strength and the hope we need at the time we needed as Isaiah 40:28-31 says:

Do you not know or have you not heard? The LORD is the eternal God, creator of the ends of the earth. He does not faint nor grow weary, and his knowledge is beyond scrutiny.  He gives strength to the fainting; for the weak he makes vigor abound.  Though young men faint and grow weary, and youths stagger and fall, They that hope in the LORD will renew their strength, they will soar as with eagles' wings; They will run and not grow weary, walk and not grow faint.

We know and we trust that if God wills it: It will be done. Our human rights have to be defended. We know that when we turn to God in prayer, when we call upon Him, He listens to us.  He is all  powerful and all merciful.  In Jeremiah 29:11- 14, God show how merciful He is:

For I know well the plans I have in mind for you, says the LORD, plans for your welfare, not for woe!  plans to give you a future full of hope. When you call me, when you go to pray to me, I will listen to you. When you look for me, you will find me. Yes, when you seek me with all your heart, you will find me with you, says the LORD, and I will change your lot…

We are compelled to proclaim the good news as Saint Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 9:16:

If I preach the gospel, this is no reason for me to boast, for an obligation has been imposed on me, and woe to me if I do not preach it!

God is all love but He is also all merciful and all just. God is our boss – El Jefe. He commands obedience. The Ten Commandments command us to obey. The Ten Commandments are not the ten choices. In obedience to the Fifth Commandment we Catholics oppose abortion and contraception.

Archbishop Broglio of the Military Service concludes to the members of the military by saying:

…I ask two things of you. First, as a community of faith we must commit ourselves to prayer and fasting that wisdom and justice may prevail, and religious liberty may be restored. Without God, we can do nothing; with God, nothing is impossible. Second, I would also recommend visiting http://www.usccb.org/issues-and-action/religious-liberty/conscience-protection, to learn more about this severe assault on religious liberty, and how to contact Congress in support of legislation that would reverse the Administration’s decision.

We need to pray and fast. Our God is in control and God can change people's hearts. We need to listen to the words God told King Solomon in 2 Chronicle 7:14 as if God was telling us now:

if my people, upon whom my name has been pronounced, humble themselves and pray, and seek my presence and turn from their evil ways, I will hear them from heaven and pardon their sins and revive their land.

We need to respect life in our land from the time of conception till natural death. The Fifth Commandment commands us not to kill. Abortion is killing. Contraceptives can induce early abortions. Children are God's blessings to us. Pregnancy is not an illness to be treated as such, but a gift from God to be welcome. God created human beings and said “It is very good!” Let us say to life:  “It is very good.”

Let us Stand and to Be Blessed!

United We Stand for Life – Divided we fall apart!

Pray Speak Act


We are Catholics and our Catholic Culture is different from the secular culture.

We believe in knowing, loving and serving God. God is in control. Everything we are and we do is seen by God, and at the end of our lives we will be judged. The basic unit of our Catholic Culture is the family. We respect life from the time of conception until natural death. As Catholics, sexuality is a sacred gift of God.  We believe that a marriage is between a man and a woman. We believe in loving God with all our hearts and soul and our neighbor as ourselves.

In the world, we have people who do not like us either because they do not like what we believe or because they do not know what we believe. We need to know our enemies and act accordingly. This administration does not like what we believe.

Obama in the HHS Mandate is showing that he does not care about the Catholic Church beliefs or, for that matter, any religious belief to get on the way of the secular government’s actions. He is ignorant of what the First Amendment of the  Constitution guaranties. Obama is addressing contraception, something that has been a divisive issue among Catholics, hoping to divide the Catholics.


Obama’s latest conceptions, leaving the responsibility of providing contraceptives to the insurance companies free of charge, have just shifted the responsibilities. The responsibility is ours. The HHS Mandate needs to be revoked all together and an amendment respecting human life from conception to natural death needs to be enacted.  Pray, Speak, Act – NOW IS THE TIME TO STAND FOR LIFE AND FOR OUR CATHOLIC FAITH!

Let YOUR VOICE be heard! +

Write your Congressman - Click Here- http://www.nchla.org/actiondisplay.asp?ID=292


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